Who is Rosa Bonheur? Google doodle pays tribute to French artist on her 200th birthday

Google's latest logo tribute is to a French artist born 200 years ago Wednesday.

Google's tribute features an illustration of Bonheur painting a group of sheep. In the background are clouds taking the shape of the letters in Google.

Bonheur was born on March 16, 1822 in Bordeaux, France, according to a biography published by Google.

"My whole life has been devoted to improving my work and keeping alive the Creator’s spark in my soul. Each of us has a spark, and we’ve all got to account for what we do with it."

The epithets of imbeciles have never bothered me.

if we don't always understand animals, they always understand us.

But the suit I wear is my work attire, and nothing else.

The horse is, like man, the most beautiful and the most miserable of creatures.

At the age of 14, in 1836, Bonheur's father sent her to study painting and sculpture at the Louvre where she was one of the youngest students.