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Zombie Idle Defense Mod Apk

Zombie Idle Defense Mod Apk | Unlimited Money | For Android

OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Name Zombie Idle Defense
Offered By OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Version 1.7.1b7
Size 111M
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Updated September 14, 2021
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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The Zombie Idle Defense Mod Apk takes the classic incremental game, which has you earning currency to buy upgrades that get you ever-closer to destroying zombies, and puts an interesting spin on it.

Instead of earning money by killing zombies, you’ll get currency by tapping on gems that are spawning on the screen. These gems can be used to upgrade your defenses, which will kill zombies without you having to do any work at all.

What Is Zombie Idle Defense?

Zombie Idle Defense is a zombie-slaying clicker game with an emphasis on quick progression and true idle mechanics. Zombie fighters earn money by killing zombies, and they spend it on upgrades that further increase their killing power.

In true idle fashion, players can simply leave their device running to steadily earn more money while they’re away from it. The more money earned, of course, means more upgrades earned…and higher profits! A built-in offline progress system allows them to keep working even when they’re not online—as long as a new version is downloaded before going offline for a few days or so.

Download and Install Zombie Idle Defense

At first glance, Zombie Idle Defense looks like any other incremental idle game, but with a twist: it’s actually about defense. Here you need to produce and place weapons to defeat hordes of zombies as they try to break through your defenses and kill you. Zombies will come in waves and each wave gets progressively more difficult as time goes on.

As you play, you can also level up your troops for a stronger attack power. The higher you can get your troops’ levels, the more damage they will do to zombies during a battle. You start out by hiring one soldier who attacks with a sword, but new soldiers come with different weapons that deal increased damage over time. This makes leveling up critical as each upgrade is slightly more powerful than previous ones.

How To Upgrade In Zombie Idle Defense

Upgrading allows you to buy and use better weapons. You can upgrade your weapon’s damage, your bullet capacity, and speed. The amount of upgrades you can use depend on what level you’re currently at. From level 1-10, you can use up to 10 upgrades at a time. After upgrading for a while, you will reach level 11; after which, your limit will increase by 5 (up to 15). The maximum upgrade count is 50.

Zombie Ranks And Levels In Zombie Idle Defense

There are different kinds of zombies in Zombie Idle Defense and they all come with unique skills and benefits. You can also get bonus experience and increase your battle rank when you kill different zombie types or just for having them in your deck.

The more you level up, there are even more skills that open up to you to improve your strategy further. In addition, each week you’ll have a global leaderboard where your name will be associated with how many points you earn.

There are also prestige rankings so don’t forget to constantly push yourself to upgrade your deck so that it is always at its best!

Zombie Idle Defense Gameplay

This Android game is a decent mix of TD, RPG and clicker. You have to fight off zombie hordes while managing your base. You can use various defensive structures, you can use melee attacks or place traps to slow them down.

Next to that, you can also collect loot which you need for crafting items. Crafting items are mostly upgrades for your character or defenses. As time passes by, more zombies will attack you which get harder over time! The interface is excellent with great graphics but there are only 6 types of enemies atm.

The upgrade system does make it addictive though! This game gets better every update… It’s completely free!! Download it now before somebody adds an in-app purchase!!!

Zombie Idle Defense Game Features

– Over 100 different units and structures – Ad free! – Lots of upgrades – 9 different worlds to defend – Save/load system; build your base once and play for a lifetime! – Bonus quests give you rewards in-game & in real life! Note: This is a web based app, there is no need to download anything.

Zombie Idle Defense Mod Features

Download Zombie idle defense apk a survival game in a town, where a lot of zombies chase you. Build a team and battle zombies in an exciting action-RPG. The mod Zombie idle defense requires nothing to download from play store for playing! New updates will be provided when it will come out from googleplay!

Download now and enjoy Zombie. Great graphics and addictive gameplay will not let you get bored. In addition, upgrade your power ups to beat more zombies faster in Zombie Idle Defense! Upgradeable unique characters with various weapons can help you take care of zombie invasions.

Zombie Idle Defense Mod Apk Unlocked Everything

The gameplay of Zombie Idle Defense is based on idle clicker and has been offered to us with full force. All you need to do in order to win is to stay alive for as long as possible and that’s why we’re talking about high speed action here.

The world is dying and that’s why it’s time for you to prepare yourself by getting tons of various weapons, modifying them and buying even more improvements.

This will help you move forward with relative ease in a world where everyone tries to eat your flesh. Zombies in our case are represented by green things which bite and it would be in your best interest if you kept away from them at all times.

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